The Forgotten Law


We live an age of great achievement, but also great arrogance and forgetfulness on the part of many nations and societies, who vaunt themselves rather than recognizing the true source of power and constructive energy throughout the ages. Western civilization and the recent governments she has spawned have seen themselves as saviors of humanity, rather than realizing that they are part of the problem. The tremendous debt load (starting for the USA with FDR’s New Deal) and disregard of fundamental principles through which they operate will bring direct confrontation with catastrophe. As many spiritual and secular thinkers all agree, our current practices are unsustainable, particularly those guided by erroneous leftist dogma, a framework of baseless ideas that has become a plague to human progress, which will continue to strip away the strengths of civilization until they are exposed and better understood by citizens everywhere.

The problem is essentially twofold:

1)      Many individuals embrace this vacuous ideology with zealous fanaticism.

2)      They are set in their attitudes, and have closed their minds to receiving truth and wisdom.

The holy scriptures teach clearly of the Law of the Harvest (LH), the fundamental law that enables societies to prosper, both on an individual and a national level (see Deuteronomy 28 for blessings and curses upon Israel as a nation). Many of the futile solutions that are currently being applied in an attempt to solve urgent governmental and problems (increasing debt, large-scale bureaucracies, unstable financial systems) will continue to fail, because they fail to acknowledge the root cause of the problem, and instead merely focus on symptoms of the greater malady like treating pneumonia with an asthma puffer.

Governments across the globe in our era have never learned, or have forgotten the critical importance of the Law of the Harvest. They may pay lip-service to this grand truth during public speaking engagements, but their behavior and policies demonstrate otherwise.

Here are some related scriptures from the Apostle Paul in the New Testament:

“…whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

Galatians 6:7

“…He which soweth sparingly shall reap sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.”

2 Corinthians 9:6

“For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.”

2 Thessalonians 3:10

Barack Obama, perhaps more than any other American President in history, deserves condemnation because he publicly espouses his faith in Christ (such as during Easter 2012), yet he does not follow these fundamental Biblical principles in his politics. These principles are more than suggestions or commandments; they are natural laws, laws of the universe which are relentless in life, and which cannot be avoided or counterfeited. His government and their policies seek to do away with the Law of the Harvest, instead basing their endeavors on humanistic approaches and socialistic ideologies, that thus far, have perpetuated and increased the scale of dependence (both individuals and the nation) upon various creditors, a policy that will doom the USA to servitude in the face of so much debt that the next few generations will have to labor arduously just to see daylight. The fundamental problem with his government, his party, and with anyone who adheres to his philosophy, is that they believe that people are entitled to material subsidies on the backs of others, resulting in an endless expansion of entitlements, ballooning bureaucracies, and growing numbers of citizens on the dole, which all serve to remove the natural obligation to provide for oneself, and the evil of the government taking away substance from one who has earned it so that it may be given to one who has not. This is usurpation and tyranny, it is redistribution by force, it is playing God when one has no right to do so. Though caring for the poor and the less fortunate is an important Christian virtue that cannot be overlooked, government cannot be the mechanism to do so, as the total power to redistribute money not only corrupts the government and perverts their role, but “forces reluctant citizens to perform acts of charity against their will”. [1] For those who feel that it is the collective duty of citizens to pay the government through taxes in order to provide for those in need, they fail to grasp the practical realities that were so perfectly understood by the founding fathers of America. This practice invariably translates into three things:

1)      The government takes a healthy portion of the money for themselves and their associates first, building up a bureaucratic empire which becomes a voracious entity, a beast that continually requires revenue to feed it. The behemoth offers little value for the revenue it commands; civil servants quickly devolve into civil tyrants who regulate every aspect of life, (see the current cafeteria legislation in the USA) and who command generous fees for themselves to do so on top of the original taxes they receive. They become dependent upon the public purse, and are very creative in distributing hard earned tax revenue without actually doing anything to contribute to it, finding extraordinary means of wasting it. They become both a guilty party and a facilitator of sloth, waste and theft. They do not feel obligated to provide service of genuine value as they abuse the privileges of their office and the constituents they are supposed to serve. Rather than offering any service or rendering any benefit, they are like squatters who use every tool of public office to maintain and increase their power.

2)      The citizens who receive financial help from the government, particularly when it is over the long term, find little incentive to improve their conditions, and if they see the opportunity to do so, will make it a lifestyle and are ungrateful for the help they receive, feeling contempt towards the rich and the successful, denigrating them and projecting their own lack of virtue onto those who have worked for what they have acquired.

3)      Society becomes weak and economic vitality fades, as more and more revenue is taken from those who work and provide, with many coming to accept and who will even support the inherent injustice that is woven throughout the entire system (because it offers them material benefits). Lawlessness increases, as the natural law and order is corrupted, corroding the incentive to respect and obey the law. Black market activities and transactions will likely increase, and government efforts to pursue this lost revenue increase as well, thus driving up the need for more revenue to employ those who pursue the public to pay their taxes, such as auditors and collection agents.

Every government employee should have a plaque prominently displayed above his desk, reading as follows:

“In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread…”

Genesis 3:16

Note that the scripture emphasizes “thy face”; not your neighbor’s face or your parent’s face or the community’s face or the nation’s face. Solyndra can never be forgotten in this context, for its brazenness, and the scale of the theft from the public that was allowed to be carried out.

There are examples everywhere that illustrate the reality of governments who violate their stewardship, where governments shamelessly waste public money because they did not have the integrity to do something useful with it. One such example is from Quebec, Canada, where municipal government officials ordered their subordinates to plow sidewalks when there was no snow, since there was no other work for them to do.

It was a weird twist on the emperor having no clothes. Did the people who witnessed this and the employees who had to drive the ploughs not feel degraded? Were they not outraged? Who says government employees are entitled to wages when there is no useful work for them? If the law of the harvest had been considered, this situation would have been handled much differently.

Many government agencies and departments refuse to see the overall big picture as to whether they are even doing anything of use at all, let alone operating efficiently. This trend has always been with us, either in the forms of tyranny of the Persian empire upon its citizens, seeking to expand its reach, or the Druids who did not have to go to war or pay any form of tax or tribute (see Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars for mention of the latter example).

Righteous Freedom  Secular Statism
Emphasize values Emphasize systems
Emphasize individual self-control (internal self-governance) Emphasize state control (external state governance)
Instruction and self-direction Reprogramming and state-guided transformation
Celebrate creativity Stifle creativity
Proactive in seeking to eliminate obstacles (get out of the way where possible)- Strive for simplicity Regimented and thus creates / becomes the obstacle (creates new ones)- Strive for complexity
Citizens can be trusted to govern themselves if they adhere to proper principles Citizens can be trusted only insofar as they adhere to principles of the state
Long-range approach; permanent, stable Short-range approach; variable, unstable
People are superior to governments Governments are superior to people
Seek to deal with the root causes of a problem Seek to deal with the symptoms of a problem and ignore or are unaware of the root of the problem
Keep state principles and policies in subjection to religion Elevate state principles and policies to the status / plane of religion
Holistic application Isolated application
Trust in God Departure from / disregard / contempt for God
Believe in universal equality, with responsibility of the individual to himself Believe in enforced equality and elitist rule and control (tyranny)
Satisfied with size and power of government Seek to increase size and power of government


The leftist experiment has come into full bloom in recent years, and rather than offering utopia and collective harmony, these forms of government only seek to advance an entitlement culture without regard for the lack of systemic capacity for those entitlements. They not only disregard the Law of the Harvest, they disregard the laws of mathematics. They assail individuals who work hard and the subsequent wealth which results from that hard work on one hand, while taking the proceeds of that hard work on the other. In their frenzied rush to equalize everything, they create misery and become a stumbling block to the true pursuit of happiness, because they no longer seek to achieve justice.

“Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right.”

Proverbs 20:11

Secular statism is the modern day Tower of Babel. Let us pray that we can rebuild and recover after its collapse.


[1] Ezra Taft Benson – The Proper Role of Government

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